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Security & Surveillance

More than just security, it's piece of mind. We make your protection priority one. Whatever your concerns may be we have a solution. Utilizing the latest technology available our intrusion detection combined with video verification can make any home or office a fortress. You never have to wonder, "what's going on while I'm away?". 


Home Entertainment

With so much media at our disposal why not use it?  The answer typically.... it's too complicated. It shouldn't be. Our job is to simplify and and that's what we do. We use "best of breed" products to get the job done. The market is flooded with products that promise the moon but actually only deliver disappointment and hours spent that you can never get back. Over 90% of our clients are by referral.

Network Solutions

This is really the backbone of our systems. With a strong network anything is possible. Let's face it, the word streaming is one of our most common verbs now days. Whether accessing your cameras while away or watching the latest feature film in your favorite chair it's all about the network. 


about us

We love technology and it can be infectious. Our goal is to leave each of our patrons a bit more savvy on what technology can do to enhance day to day life. It shouldn't be intimidating to watch TV, It's supposed to be FUN!!! 

We've been around to see the drastic changes in technology throughout the last 15 years. Having served the Valley since 2003 we have gathered experience worth it's weight in solder (nerd joke). Whether it involves setting up a Wi-Fi system that actually works the way you expect it to, installing the ultimate security and surveillance system for your property or maybe just setting up a sound system in the back yard that will make your neighbors jealous, we're the team for you.


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